Currently Authors/Publishers must reside in either of the following 7 countries:

  • ⦁ United States

  • ⦁ United Kingdom

  • ⦁ Canada

  • ⦁ Germany

  • ⦁ Ireland

  • ⦁ Netherlands

  • ⦁ South Africa

These countries currently have tax treaties in place which do not require the holding of income tax. Authors/Publishers will need a US SSN or EIN to get this tax benefit and publish with us.

Limitless ePublishing Author Taxes


The IRS requires Limitless ePbulishing to have a Form W-9 or Form W-8BEN on file for each author who may earn royalties. The tax form must include the individual or company’s U.S. Taxpayer Identification Number (SSN/EIN). This is captured in the Tax section. This Tax data will be validated against the IRS tax database.


Publishers must report all earnings/royalties made to the IRS. The Author Payment Reporting will provide a view of royalties paid for the calendar year. PayPal can also provides a 1099-K on monies paid annually for tax filing purposes as needed.

How do I get a US TIN (Tax ID Number) if I am from one of the six non- US countries above?

Select the link here for directions on how to get a US SSN TIN
Select the link here to apply for an ITIN, file Form W-7 with the IRS To claim certain treaty benefits, you must complete line 5 by submitting an SSN or ITIN, or line 6 by providing a foreign tax identification number (foreign TIN).

How is Tax Information Used?

IRS tax regulations require Limitless Epublishing to collect tax information so we can provide 1099s to Authors/Publishers and the IRS. This income is reported to the IRS. Note. Limitless Epublishing does not withhold taxes on earnings and these will need to be reported when filing taxes. The data is captured when completing the Tax form in the Author/Publisher tax area.

How Long Does it Take for Tax Submissions to be Approved?

One time approvals are made between 24-72hrs after which Authors & Publishers can submit their ebooks for sale.

How do I upload an eBook?

  • ⦁ Under the “BOOKS” link populate the fields like Book Name, Description and Author, Key Work & Price.

  • ⦁ Upload the eBook cover (use standard dimensions at 210h by 140w).

  • ⦁ Upload the ebook file (while we will convert Word formats etc. to epub, if you experience issues try uploading an epub file directly)

  • ⦁Select a Category Genre you would like your ebook to appear under

  • ⦁Confirm you are the rights holder and agree to our Publisher guidelines to submit your book for approval

What File Formats Are Accepted/Converted To Epub?

Our converter will translate any of the 27 formats below to an epub format for our ereaders to use. If you
encounter an issue

  • ⦁ AZW

  • ⦁ AZW3

  • ⦁ AZW4

  • ⦁ CBZ

  • ⦁ CBR

  • ⦁ CBC

  • ⦁ CHM

  • ⦁ DJVU

  • ⦁ DOCX

  • ⦁ EPUB

  • ⦁ FB2

  • ⦁ HTML

  • ⦁ HTMLZ

  • ⦁ LIT

  • ⦁ LRF

  • ⦁ MOBI

  • ⦁ ODT

  • ⦁ PDF

  • ⦁ PRC

  • ⦁ PDB

  • ⦁ PML

  • ⦁ RB

  • ⦁ RTF

  • ⦁ SNB

  • ⦁ TCR

  • ⦁ TXT

  • ⦁ TXTZ

What Happens after I submit my eBook for Approval?

Within 48hrs we perform a quality check review on the ebook to ensure it meets our standards and requirements. After which it is available for purchase at

Is my Ebook Secure?

Yes, our security layer ensures ebooks can only be accessed by those who have purchased the ebook on one of our controlled accessed webpages, or smart phone apps. Note ebooks that are priced as free can be read in their entirety by any user.

Submission guidelines and Author/Publisher Terms of Use

Submission guidelines and Author/Publisher Terms of Use can be found here:

Author Profile Creation

Go to the Profile tab and provide the following:

  • ⦁ Upload an Author profile picture.

  • ⦁ Enter your name and a brief Bio into the text area provided.

  • ⦁ Update your Email, Twitter, Facebook and Website information so that readers can connect with you.

Where can I view the e-books I have uploaded for sale?

Select the “BOOKS” to view all your published e-books. This includes the book cover, author and the price.
You can also select View, to read the ebook or View Details to change your ebook details (like price etc.)

  • By going to “View Details” you can you change:
  • ⦁ the ebook cover

  • ⦁ price

  • ⦁ description

  • ⦁ contributors and target keywords

  • ⦁ category and other details.

  • Can you Edit e-book description and other details after you have already uploaded the details?

How can I add a new e-book to the series?

  • ⦁First create the Series via the series link

  • ⦁ Next under the ebook details select the Series Name you have created.

e-book cover guidelines

E-book cover should use common picture formats jpg etc. and be 140w by 210h in dimension

Setting an eBook Price

eBooks can be priced between 2.99 and 200 USD.

Video Overview

A one minute overview video on how to use our site can be found here.

Limitless ePublishing Sales Reporting

Click on the “Sales” tab to view sales for your ebooks. Data includes: Sales date, Price and Royalties. Sales data can be exported to Excel by selecting spreadsheet icon.

Payments Reporting

After payment, we will provide an online report detailing sales of works and corresponding Royalties. All payments will be made via electronic transfer payments via PayPal. Sales data can be exported to Excel by selecting the CSV icon. Note, we do not without Taxes on payments.

Royalty Rates

Limitless ePublishing will provide a 75% Royalty on all sales.

How do I get Paid

All Publishers are required to have a PayPal account to enable electronic payments. Royalties will be paid to authors on a monthly basis (by the 10th), based on their sales for the prior month. For example, sales from 1-30 May will be paid out by 15 June.

Affiliate Program

Limitless ePubishing has partnered with ShareASale. We offer a competitive 5% commission on all sales using ShareASales affiliate links. Authors can not only get an extra 5% on their 75% royalty, but they earn 5% on sales from their fellow authors as well. You can get started by signing here: Share A Sale

How can I contact Limitless ePublishing with feedbacks and enquiries?

Feel free to send us personalized messages through our“Contact” page or email us a


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Please use “strong” passwords (passwords that use a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols) with your account.

Users under the age of thirteen are not permitted to register to use this site

Please contact us immediately. In the event that we have collected personal information from an individual under the age of thirteen, we will remove that information as quickly as possible.

Upload Error

If an upload Error is encountered try converting the file from a doc format to epub using a converter site such as: Online Convert