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Limitless ePublishing allows you to sell your eBooks and earn up to 75% of royalties and 5% via affiliate payments.

With our instant payments, you will get royalty payments sent to your account whenever your eBook is sold.

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Get 5% commission

Earn money on your own and fellow publisher sales by joining our affiliate program

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Earn 75% royalty on all eBooks sales sent to your account upon purchase. Get another 5% if our affiliate link is being used .

Why publish books with us?

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Sustainable Income

We ask our Reader to consider sustainable pricing. It takes months and years at times to write a good book. Pressuring authors to take a few cents for each sale is not sustainable. Partner with us to get a fair price for your work.

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We help you find new readers

We help you find new readers. Readers that love Romance ebooks, will be recommended to other similar Romance ebooks providing new sales opportunities.

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Earn 80% on your ebooks sales

Limitless ePublishing is offering 80% on ebooks sales. 75% from Royalties and 5% in affiliate commission. The 5% Affiliate commission not only applies to sales on your books, but on sales of other Author's work.

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Earn 5% on commission on fellow author's sales

Earn 5% on commission on fellow author's sales. If a reader clicks an affiliate link on your website, and then buys a fellow author's work at limitlessebooks.com, you earn 5% commission.